Pakistani Christian Delegation Meets European Parliament Members to Address Human Rights Concerns

Brussels, June 19, 2024—A delegation of Pakistani Christians residing in Belgium and the Netherlands met with Members of the European Parliament in Brussels today, including Bert Yan, to discuss the grave human rights violations faced by religious minorities in Pakistan. The delegation, comprising Latif Bhatti, Watson Gill, Bishop Arshad Khokhar, Azeem Masih, Moon Samuel, and Yaqoob Masih, highlighted the severe persecution endured by Christians in Pakistan.

During the meeting, the delegation presented a detailed petition documenting various atrocities and human rights abuses suffered by the Christian community in Pakistan. They emphasized the urgent need for the European Parliament to advocate for the protection of religious minorities in Pakistan. The petition shed light on several critical issues, including the misuse of blasphemy laws and the forced conversion of young Christian girls.

The delegation explained how blasphemy laws in Pakistan are often weaponized against religious minorities, leading to false accusations, imprisonment, and even violence. These laws have created an environment of fear and oppression, making it difficult for Christians and other minorities to practice their faith freely. Additionally, they highlighted numerous cases where young Christian girls have been abducted, forcibly converted to Islam, and married off to their abductors, often with little to no legal recourse for their families.

In a gesture of solidarity and faith, the delegation, along with Bert Yan and other Members of the European Parliament, including Valeriu Ghiletchi, prayed to God the Father, seeking divine intervention for peace and justice.

Bert Yan assured the delegation of his unwavering support, committing to raising these critical issues within the European Parliament. He emphasized the importance of defending human rights and religious freedom, pledging to be a vocal advocate for the Pakistani Christian community.

This significant meeting marks a step forward in increasing the international community's awareness and potential action regarding the plight of Pakistani Christians. The delegation expressed their gratitude for the support and vowed to continue their efforts to bring global attention to these pressing issues, hoping to foster change and ensure better protection for religious minorities in Pakistan.