Empowering Youth for a Brighter Future: Successful Career Counseling Session by Christian Students' Movement in Jaranwala

Jaranwala – In a significant step towards empowering the youth and shaping a brighter future, the Christian Students Movement (CSM) organized a highly successful career counseling session in Jaranwala. Themed "Let's Move Towards a Better Future," the event aimed to provide valuable guidance and inspiration to young individuals, helping them realize their full potential and explore diverse opportunities.

The event featured two distinguished speakers, Dr. Hannah (MBBS, RMP) and Mr. Raqib Faran (CEO of Digital Bolt), who captivated the audience with their insights and experiences. Dr. Hannah shared her journey in the medical field, emphasizing the importance of dedication, hard work, and continuous learning. Her story resonated with many aspiring medical professionals in the audience.

Mr. Raqib Faran, a successful entrepreneur in the digital industry, spoke about the burgeoning opportunities in the digital world. He encouraged the youth to embrace technology and innovation, highlighting the potential for growth and success in the digital sector. His motivational speech inspired many to consider careers in digital and technological fields.

The session was further enriched by the presence of Ms. Zaroia Amjad, an Election Officer with the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP), and Mr. Sharoon Rashid, a noted educationist. Ms. Amjad shared her experiences in the public sector, emphasizing the importance of civic engagement and the role of educated youth in shaping the nation's future. Her insights on career paths in the public sector were particularly enlightening for those considering government service.

Mr. Sharoon Rashid, with his extensive background in education, stressed the importance of quality education and continuous personal development. He provided practical advice on educational choices, career planning, and the importance of staying informed about various career opportunities.

The event also featured a special session led by Pastor Mukhtar, Chairman of the Pentecostal Churches Council Jaranwala, who shared the Word of God. His message of hope, faith, and perseverance resonated deeply with the participants, adding a spiritual dimension to the career counseling session.

Mr. Noman Athwaal, the Founder and Chairman of CSM, expressed his heartfelt gratitude to all the participants, facilitators, and guests for their invaluable contributions to the event's success. He highlighted the importance of such initiatives in empowering the youth and fostering a sense of community and support.

The session was attended by 50 youth members, all of whom benefited from the diverse perspectives and practical advice offered by the speakers and guests. The event not only provided career guidance but also fostered a sense of empowerment and motivation among the participants.

Mr. Athwaal emphasized the ongoing commitment of CSM to continue organizing such events in the future, aiming to reach even more young individuals and provide them with the tools and knowledge needed for a successful and fulfilling career.

The career counseling session by the Christian Students' Movement in Jaranwala marked a significant milestone in the organization's efforts to empower youth. By bringing together esteemed professionals, dedicated educationists, and spiritual leaders, the event provided a holistic approach to career development, inspiring the youth to strive for excellence and a better future. The success of this event underscores the importance of community support and collaborative efforts in empowering the next generation.

CSM extends its gratitude to all attendees, speakers, and supporters. Together, let's continue to empower each other for a brighter future!