Interior Ministry Restricts Passports for Political Asylum Seekers

June 8, 2024 – The federal government has announced a new policy that will prevent Pakistani citizens living abroad on asylum from obtaining or renewing their passports. This decision, issued through a notification from the Ministry of Interior, aims to address security concerns and manage migration more effectively.

The notification directs the Directorate General of Immigration and Passports to cease the issuance of travel documents to Pakistanis who have sought asylum in foreign countries on political or other grounds. Additionally, it mandates the cancellation of passports already issued to these individuals.

This policy underscores the government's commitment to ensuring national security and maintaining the integrity of its immigration processes. The Directorate General of Immigration and Passports, which is responsible for issuing passports to legitimate citizens, plays a crucial role in facilitating travel and providing protection to Pakistanis abroad. The new directive reinforces the importance of passports as essential documents that confirm a citizen's identity and legal rights both domestically and internationally.

A valid Pakistani passport entitles its holder to the protection of Pakistan's diplomatic and consular representatives in foreign countries. By restricting passport issuance to asylum seekers, the government aims to prevent potential misuse of travel documents and ensure that only those with legitimate claims can benefit from such protections.

This decision is part of broader efforts to tighten immigration controls and ensure that asylum processes are not exploited. It reflects the government's ongoing measures to secure its borders and manage the movement of its citizens in accordance with international laws and regulations.