Pakistani Minister Mohsin Naqvi Meets Pope Francis at the Vatican City

Minister for Interior, Mohsin Naqvi, on Tuesday, met with His Holiness Pope Francis during his visit to Europe. The Minister was warmly welcomed upon his arrival in the Vatican City, setting the stage for a momentous exchange of ideas and commitments.
The dynamic discourse between the two dignitaries encompassed a range of important topics, from the promotion of peace, brotherhood, interfaith harmony, and dialogue. Pope Francis, in particular, commended Pakistan for its notable efforts in the immediate repair and reconstruction of churches following the tragic events in Jaranwala.
During their interaction, Pope Francis conveyed a message of peace to the people of Pakistan, emphasising the collective pursuit of global peace. He also expressed gratitude for the invitation extended to him by the Prime Minister of Pakistan and assured his earnest endeavour to visit the nation in the near future.
The Pope also shared his concern over the distressing situation in Palestine, highlighting the urgent need for attention to the humanitarian crisis. He underscored the pivotal role of interfaith dialogue and harmony in resolving complex international issues.

Minister Mohsin Naqvi, in turn, expressed his sincere appreciation for the Pope's steadfast stance on the Palestine issue, reflecting widespread sentiment of gratitude. He took the opportunity to convey Pakistan's unwavering commitment and sacrifices in the war against terrorism, emphasising the country's role in promoting global peace and harmony.
Furthermore, Minister Naqvi underscored the Pakistani government's top priority of ensuring the protection of minorities, citing the teachings of the Holy Prophet (PBUH), the founding father of the nation, and the constitution as foundational pillars emphasising minority rights and well-being. He reiterated that the constitution of Pakistan guarantees equal rights for all minorities, further highlighting the nation's dedication to upholding these rights.
The conclusion of the meeting was marked by the Pope offering prayers for Pakistan's progress and prosperity, and extending his sincere good wishes to the people of Pakistan, signifying a meaningful and productive exchange between the two leaders.