Nazir Masih Dies from Injuries Following Brutal Mob Attack Over False Blasphemy Accusations

PCN - June 3, 2024: Nazir Masih, a victim of the alleged misuse of Pakistan’s blasphemy laws, has died from injuries sustained during a brutal mob attack. Masih, who was receiving treatment at the Military Hospital in Rawalpindi, was in critical condition following head surgery. Despite the dedicated efforts of medical professionals, he succumbed to his injuries last night.

Tahir Naveed Choudhry, former Member of the Provincial Assembly (MPA) of Punjab and an advocate, confirmed Masih's death early this morning. Masih's body has been transported to Mujahid Colony, where his funeral was held today. The service was attended by a large number of people, reflecting the widespread grief and outrage over his tragic death.

The assault on Masih occurred when a highly agitated mob, including children, launched a vicious attack. They pelted him with stones, beat him with sticks, and kicked him as he lay bleeding on the ground. The mob's violent actions resulted in multiple fractures to Masih's skull, with bone fragments causing critical blood clots in his brain. Despite police efforts to intervene and rescue him, the mob persisted in their aggression, even damaging the ambulance transporting Masih by hurling stones and breaking its windows.

Doctors had declared the first 72 hours following Masih's head surgery as critical. Despite the surgical removal of bone fragments from his brain, his condition remained precarious. Masih could not recover from his severe injuries and passed away last night.

The incident has sparked nationwide and international protests, with widespread condemnation of the brutal attack and the misuse of blasphemy laws. The Christian community, both in Pakistan and globally, is experiencing a heightened sense of anger and grief over Masih's tragic death. The outrage is fuelled by the perception that an innocent man was lynched without due process.

Masih's death highlights the ongoing issues surrounding the misuse of blasphemy laws in Pakistan, which often lead to violence and vigilantism. Human rights organizations and activists have long called for reforms to prevent such tragedies.

As the news of Masih's death spreads, it is expected to provoke further international scrutiny and calls for justice. The incident underscores the urgent need for legal and societal reforms to protect vulnerable communities and ensure justice is served fairly.

The funeral service for Nazir Masih is set to take place in Sargodha, where the community will gather to mourn the loss and call for an end to such violence.

Background of the Attack on Nazir Masih:

On May 25, 2024, Nazir Masih was attacked in Mujahid Colony, Sargodha, by a mob accusing him of blasphemy. The mob, driven by fury, included children who participated in the assault, stoning him, beating him with sticks, and kicking him mercilessly. Police efforts to rescue Masih were met with resistance as the crowd attempted to snatch him from custody, leading to further injuries even after he was placed in an ambulance.

This violent incident has drawn significant attention to the dangers posed by the misuse of blasphemy laws in Pakistan, where accusations can lead to mob justice without legal proceedings. The death of Nazir Masih is a stark reminder of the urgent need for change to protect individuals from such extreme measures and to ensure justice and human rights are upheld.