Mentally Challenged Christian Woman Horrifically Attacked in Her Own Home

On Monday, May 13, a harrowing incident occurred in Muridke, a rural village in Sheikhupura district, where Asma, a 35-year-old mentally challenged Christian woman, was brutally assaulted in her own home. Asma, who is unable to speak, was discovered by her brother Kashif, lying in a pool of blood, suffering from severe injuries following the attack.

Asma, who lives with her three brothers and two sisters in a rented house following their father’s death, was alone at home when the assault occurred. Her family members, typically away for work during the day, were absent when an unknown assailant reportedly entered their home. According to Kashif, the attacker forcibly entered the house, assaulted Asma, and then fled the scene.

The local community was left reeling as Kashif discovered his sister in a horrifying state, sparking immediate concern and outrage among her family and neighbours. "We have no personal enmity with anyone. Why would our sister be subjected to such brutality" Kashif lamented as he recounted the ordeal.

The local pastor, speaking on the condition of anonymity, highlighted a troubling pattern in the area. "This is the third such incident involving young Christian girls in our community. Our daughters are living without protection," he stated, emphasizing the vulnerability of the community, including those with disabilities.

The family has issued a heartfelt appeal for justice, urging that the perpetrator be brought to justice and receive a harsh punishment to deter future crimes. They also called on government officials, local MPs, MNAs, and human rights organizations to support them during this traumatic time and to take steps to enhance the security and safety of vulnerable community members.

This tragic event has prompted calls for increased protection and awareness around the safety of women and disabled individuals in rural areas, stressing the urgent need for community and governmental intervention.