National Call to Address Forced Conversions in Sunday Sermons

Sialkot, May 8, 2024 – A significant movement within Pakistan's Christian community culminated in a powerful appeal for action against the forced conversion and marriage of Christian girls. Leaders across political, social, and religious spheres gathered on May 6, 2024, at the Biblical Church of God in Sialkot for a Christian Leadership Conference, spearheaded by the Masihi Tehreek e Beadari (Christian Awakening Movement).

During this pivotal meeting, a resolution was unanimously adopted urging all churches in Pakistan to dedicate their sermons on May 26, 2024, to this pressing issue. The resolution has garnered the support of the Catholic Bishops' Conference of Pakistan, the National Council of Churches, and the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church, among others, calling for a nationwide pastoral message on the last Sunday of May.

Distinguished figures such as Dr. Emanuel Adil Ghori, journalists Javed Gul and Nasir Nair, along with religious leaders including Pastors Javed Sylvester, Javed Khokhar, Tariq Wilson, John Sanaullah, Rafiq Anjum, and Bishop Nadeem Ghori, were prominent speakers at the event. More than 100 participants, including representatives from the NCJP, Pakistan Christian Alliance, and Pastor’s Alliance, actively participated in the conference.

Dr. Emanuel Adil Ghori shared with the Pakistan Christian News, "We alone cannot halt the disturbing practice of forced conversion and underage marriage. However, through collective awareness and action, spearheaded by our churches, we aim to engage and educate the broader community about this escalating menace."

He implored all religious leaders nationwide to utilize the upcoming Sunday services to enlighten their congregations about the roles and responsibilities of both individuals and communities in combating this issue. This national call to action emphasizes the church's role as a vital conduit for raising awareness and fostering change within the community.