Groundbreaking Ceremony of Big Citi Human Care Aims to Transform Healthcare Landscape for Lahore’s Needy

In a significant stride towards better healthcare access, Lahore saw the inauguration of Big Citi Human Care, a new non-governmental organization, at Cavalry Ground Lahore Cantt on April 13, 2024. The NGO is dedicated to providing quality healthcare services to the underserved populations of the city.

Founded by Mr. Ayub Khawar Gill, Big Citi Human Care aims to alleviate the healthcare challenges faced by the less fortunate. During the opening ceremony, Gill emphasized the importance of the NGO’s mission and expressed his commitment to making a substantial difference in the lives of many.

The General Secretary of the organization, Mr. Mehboob Shoukat Gill, highlighted the deteriorating conditions of public health and welfare over the past two decades. He recounted distressing incidents that underline the acute need for such initiatives, including a recent episode where a pregnant woman was found begging for food in a government hospital.

Mehboob Gill shared insights into the organization’s ongoing charity work which has included distributing rations, providing quilts to families during winter, and supplying footwear to children in need. He also recalled the community support extended during various crises like the Joseph Colony incident and Shanti Nagar tensions.

The ceremony also marked the announcement of a forthcoming clinic on Professor Street, Bahar Colony, Kot Lakhpat, Lahore. This clinic, set to launch after renovations, will focus on offering affordable healthcare services including gynecology, ECG, ultrasound, pediatric consultations, and regular eye check-ups.

Chairman Mr. Mahmood, expressed his gratitude to the attendees and outlined the future plans for the organization. He appealed to medical professionals to join the cause and support their community-focused initiatives.

The event was graced by notable figures such as Professor Zafar Daniel, journalist Mr. Naeem Qaiser, Rev. Robinson Sajjad, and Johnson Tariq, known for his heroic deeds in Lahore. The ribbon-cutting was performed by Mr. Johnson Tariq and Professor Zafar Daniel.

The launch was celebrated with a distribution of sweets followed by a dinner, marking a hopeful beginning for Big Citi Human Care's mission to bring essential medical services to those in need. The organization promises to be a beacon of hope and support for Lahore's vulnerable populations, contributing significantly to the local healthcare landscape.