25-Year-Old Christian Worker Tortured Over False Theft Accusation

Sheikhupura, April 14, 2024 – In a harrowing incident in Sheikhupura, Nouman Masih, a 25-year-old cleaner at the Al Aziz Marriage Hall on Jandiala Road, was subjected to brutal torture following a wrongful theft accusation during a wedding event. Despite his long-standing service of 11 years, Masih was accused by wedding guests of stealing a cell phone, leading to a violent assault.

According to reports, the ordeal began when guests alleged the loss of a cell phone, immediately pointing fingers at Masih. Despite assurances from the hall's owner about Masih’s integrity, seven individuals intervened, escalating the situation by forcibly removing him from the premises.

"The guests, along with seven outsiders, did not just accuse him but took the law into their own hands," stated Arshad Pervez, a local journalist who was among the first to report the incident. Pervez assisted Masih's family in obtaining medical aid and facilitated the filing of a police report.

Masih was reportedly taken to a nearby farmhouse, where he was tied up, beaten with water pipes, and held for hours. After being severely injured, he was discarded outside the marriage hall, near death. He is currently recovering in a hospital but remains in a serious condition.

Elisabeth Masih, Nouman’s mother and widow of Siddique Masih, provided a distressing account in her police complaint. "They beat him mercilessly and when they thought he was nearly dead, they threw him back like he was nothing," she said.

The police have registered FIR No. 925/24 under section 365B at the B Division Police Station in Sheikhupura. The wedding had been booked under the name of Choudhry Afzal Dogar, who is now under scrutiny.

Nouman, a father of three daughters none of whom are in school, is the main breadwinner for his family residing in Mohalla Ahmad Purra near Qilla Sheikhupura. His brother, Abdul Bhatti, emphasized the family's dire situation, noting that Nouman was critical to their survival.

The incident has sparked outrage across the community, highlighting the urgent need for better protection for workers and stricter enforcement against vigilante justice. Local authorities and community leaders are calling for immediate action to ensure such brutal acts are not repeated.