Parents Concerned for Missing Nine-Year-Old Christian Housemaid from Employer's Home

Nine-year-old Sumaira Abbas's sudden vanishing prompts concerns over child safety and labour exploitation.

KARACHI, The mysterious disappearance of nine-year-old Christian housemaid Sumaira Abbas from Karachi has raised concerns about child safety and potential exploitation. The girl's family and legal team are urgently seeking answers and her safe return.

Abbas Masih, a brick kiln worker and father of Sumaira, has been thrust into the limelight following his daughter's alarming disappearance. The ordeal unfolded when a woman known as Daulat Bibi, alias Dolly from Punjab, persuaded the Masih family to send Sumaira to Karachi, assuring a secure and nurturing work environment in the household of Zunaira Bibi.

The situation took a distressing turn on Christmas Day, 2023 when Zunaira Bibi abruptly informed the family that Sumaira was no longer at her residence. Attempts to contact Dolly proved futile, deepening the family's anxiety. It was revealed that Daulat Bibi failed to report the incident to the authorities promptly and also received Rs. 10,000 from Sumaira's parents, purportedly for travel expenses to Karachi.

Amid the family's desperation, an FIR was eventually lodged, but not before encountering resistance from the police, who initially filed it for "creating too much mystery," according to the parents. The case, registered as FIR No. 152/2024, came after significant delay and persistent effort from the parents, who received little cooperation from Zunaira Bibi.

Christian lawyers in Karachi have stepped in to aid the family pro bono, spearheading the search for Sumaira. The case is now under the scrutiny of District and Session Judge Javed Ahmed Keerio, who has directed the police for thorough weekly updates.

Sumaira’s disappearance spotlights the broader issues of child labour and minority rights in Pakistan. As the investigation unfolds, the family remains determined to uncover the truth and bring Sumaira home, highlighting the need for more rigorous safeguards for vulnerable children in the country.