Brutal Assault on Christian Family in Kasur District Sparks Outrage

Kasur District, Punjab: In a harrowing incident that has shaken the community in Bad Kelan, a village in Pattoki Tehsil, a 27-year-old Christian man, Saber Masih, along with his family, fell victim to a brutal assault by local influential figures. According to reports, the conflict stemmed from a dispute over livestock, which escalated into violence against the family.

Saber, who is actively engaged in farming along with his father, Saeed Masih, was reportedly grazing goats when a few local landlords, identified as the Chaudhary group, allegedly stole the goats. The situation worsened a few days later when the same group violently attacked Saber, causing him severe injuries. Family members who attempted to intervene were also threatened with dire consequences.

The severity of the attack left Saber unconscious, prompting his family to rush him to a nearby hospital for medical attention. However, in a disturbing twist, the attending doctor reportedly refused to issue a medical report and did not provide adequate treatment, allegedly under pressure from the assailants.

The family's ordeal continued as their pleas for justice were ignored at the local police station, where officers allegedly dismissed the incident as minor. This negligence has highlighted the challenges faced by minority communities in rural areas, where the rule of law is often overshadowed by local power dynamics.

The incident was witnessed by the local priest, who has since become an advocate for the family, demanding justice and calling for intervention from higher authorities to address the flagrant human rights violations.