Demand for Justice as Christian Family Brutally Tortured in Islamabad

A shocking incident occurred in Islamabad, where a Christian family was brutally tortured from Holy Thursday night through Good Friday morning. The family, comprising Aqeela Bibi, her husband Sarwar Masih, and their son Younathan, endured this ordeal at their employers' residence in Rawalpindi Bahria Town Phase 7.

Shahzad Imran Sahotra, the Central President of the Christian Awakening Movement Pakistan, has urgently called upon the IG Punjab to ensure stringent punishment for the perpetrators. Despite efforts, an FIR regarding the incident remains unregistered.

The family, who had been working for Retd. Col. Naveed for over a year, faced accusations of theft from their employers. Aqeela recounted the harrowing experience, detailing how the family was summoned to the house under false pretenses. They were then subjected to inhumane treatment, including being stripped, beaten, and tortured by Col. Naveed's family and four others, believed to be Pathans.

The assailants took the male members to an upper portion of the house, where they continued the abuse. Aqeela pleaded with the attackers for mercy, asserting their innocence, but to no avail. The family faced threats of death if they did not confess to the alleged theft.

Shahzad Imran Sahotra highlighted the family's current plight, as they now seek refuge and fear returning home due to the influence of their attackers. The family has appealed to Chief Minister Punjab Maryam Nawaz Sharif and the IG Punjab for justice and protection.

Hanook Sahotra, Chairman of the Hanook Welfare Trust Islamabad, reported that the family sought help from their organization on Good Friday. The Trust assisted them in getting medical attention at PIMs Islamabad. He further elaborated on the timeline of events, explaining that the family was initially held in Bahria Town Phase 7 and later moved to Gulberg Greens housing society. They were released on Good Friday morning.

The family, currently residing in Fatima Villa, Islamabad, faces challenges in getting their FIR registered due to the influence of the Muslim family involved and the police's reluctance, as reported by Mr. Hanook.