Security Breach at Rev. Dr. ID Shehbaz Church Shocks Sialkot Community

In Sialkot's village of Jajjay Sahian, near the Cantt Police Station, an alarming incident occurred at the Rev. Dr. ID Shehbaz Memorial Presbyterian Church when unidentified perpetrators attempted to break into the church. Pastor Samar-ul-Zaman, in charge of the church, reported that after the Easter service, they had securely locked the church. However, on Monday night, unknown individuals brazenly attempted to enter the church by breaking the locks.

The motive behind this attempted break-in remains unclear, as Pastor Samar-ul-Zaman stated they are yet to identify the culprits. Upon discovering the tampering with the church's security, the authorities were promptly alerted through the 15 emergency helpline. Officers from the Cantt Police Station arrived at the scene to conduct an investigation, subsequently confirming the break-in attempt.

A First Information Report (FIR No. 552/24) was filed at the Cantt Police Station under sections 457 and 380 of the Pakistani Penal Code. The complaint, lodged by Pastor Samar Zaman, details the discovery by church caretaker Binyamin Bhatti. He found the locks and fittings broken, the generator's battery missing, and the wires of security cameras cut and stolen.

Younis Bhatti, a local community member, has called for serious action against the perpetrators. He suggests employing police dogs for the search and forensic analysis of the camera wires and fingerprints to identify and penalize the offenders severely. Bhatti strongly appeals to higher authorities, emphasizing that such acts against a church are not just theft but desecration, deserving stringent punishment.

The incident has raised concerns about the safety and sanctity of religious sites, with the local Christian community in Jajjay Sahian awaiting swift police action to ensure the church's security and bring the culprits to justice.