Christian Man Brutally Murdered by Muslim Friend in Sheikhupura

In a harrowing incident in Sheikhupura, Pakistan, the local community was shaken by the discovery of 40-year-old Asif Masih's body. Asif, a married Christian and father of three, was tragically found deceased about a month after he was reportedly killed by his Muslim friend, Riyasat Ali, known as Sabi Dogar. This devastating event has not only deeply affected the local community but has also ignited a broader discussion on issues of religious tolerance and safety in the region."

Asif's mother, Seema Bibi, recounted that her son and Sabi were close friends and it was not unusual for Asif to assist Sabi at his cattle shed. However, Asif went missing on February 4, 2024, leading to a frantic search by his family. Despite repeated inquiries to Sabi Dogar about Asif's whereabouts, Dogar consistently claimed ignorance.

The family's concern escalated when Seema Bibi approached Dogar's father, Shonka, who suggested that she report her son's disappearance to the police. Following this advice, the family lodged a missing person report at the Housing Society Police Station in District Sheikhupura on February 15, 2024.

The police investigation led to the arrest of Sabi Dogar, who initially claimed ignorance but eventually led the police to Asif's body. The condition of Asif's body was deeply disturbing, showing signs of severe torture, with missing body parts, gouged eyes, and a cut neck.

Asif Masih, a resident of Ayesha Mills Mohalla Rasool Town, Nadeem Kot, Sheikhupura, is survived by his mother, wife, three daughters, and two sons, one of whom is disabled. Both his mother and wife work as domestic workers, and the family lives in a rented house. According to Asif's family, there was no known enmity between Asif and the Dogar family, leaving the brutal nature of the murder shrouded in mystery.

Kashif, Asif's younger brother, shared that their family is in dire straits following Asif's murder. With no stable source of income and living in a rented house, the family is struggling to cope with the loss and its aftermath. They have appealed for prayers and financial assistance to meet their daily needs.

This tragic incident has drawn attention to the plight of minority communities in Pakistan and the need for stronger measures to ensure their safety and justice. The local police are continuing their investigation, seeking the murder weapon and further insights into the motive behind this brutal act.