Family Mourns as Christian Youth Dies in Faisalabad Altercation

In a tragic and unsettling event in Faisalabad on January 31, 2024, a minor dispute tragically escalated, resulting in the death of 22-year-old Christian youth Waseem and severe injuries to Gulfam Masih and Younis Masih. The conflict, which began on January 19 over a seemingly trivial matter involving a motorbike, spiralled into a violent confrontation in the main Bazar of Jinnah Abadi near Jamiya Mosque.

Sikandar Saleem Masih, the younger brother of the deceased, detailed the horrific events. The confrontation involved several individuals from a neighbouring village, identified as Zohaib, Shoaib, Hassan, and others, who were reportedly armed and attacked the group of Christian youth. The attackers openly fired upon the group, leading to Waseem being fatally shot in the chest. The incident caused immediate chaos in the area, with the perpetrators fleeing the scene after the attack.

The family of the deceased, who reside in Chak no 241 RB Chanchal Singh Walla in Faisalabad, are in a state of shock and mourning. They are described as a humble family with limited means, working as laborers. Sikandar, who is 16 years old, shared that they have never attended school due to financial constraints. He appealed to the Christian community for support, expressing the family's vulnerability and inability to pursue the case due to their young age and lack of education.

An FIR No. 150/24 has been registered at the Thaikriwala Police Station in the Faisalabad District under sections 302, 149, and 148 TP. This tragic incident underscores the need for immediate attention to issues of social inequality, communal harmony, and the enforcement of law and order to prevent such senseless acts of violence.