Significant Review Meeting Held on Supreme Court of Pakistan's Judgment Implementation

Karachi, November 8, 2023: A crucial review meeting was conducted in Karachi to discuss the implementation of the Supreme Court of Pakistan's judgment in case C.P. No D-981/2022, initiated by Danish Shahab against the Government of Sindh and others. Held on November 8, the meeting centred on several key issues, including the National Minority Cultural Award, directives from the Supreme Court, and legislative actions for the health and safety of sanitary workers.

Discussions also covered the security of minority worship places, employment concerns, and salary issues of sanitary workers in Hyderabad. The meeting presided over by the Advocate General of the Sindh High Court, saw participation from high-ranking officials like the Additional Chief Secretary of the Sindh Local Government Department and Secretaries from various government departments.

Mr. Samuel Payara, Chairman of the IMRF, present at the meeting, briefed Pak Christian News (PCN) about new compensation schemes and salary disbursements for sanitary workers in Hyderabad. Dr. Muhammad Fakhre Alam Irfan, Chief Secretary of Sindh, stressed the commitment to ensuring the security of minority worship places as per the Supreme Court's directives.