Christian teenage girl kidnaped at gunpoint from her home

A Catholic teenage girl, Sehar, was kidnaped at gunpoint from her home in Okaro, Punjab. A first information report (FIR) has been registered against three Muslim men and the police continue searching for them and for the girl. 
Sehar, 13, who was working on a brick kiln with her family to support them, was kidnaped on 23 April by a Muslim man Allah Rakha living in the same area. 

Sehar’s father has been sick for sometimes and is not able to work anymore, therefore the rest of the of the family have to work. 
They are nine brothers and sisters (5 brothers and 4 sisters). The two older sisters are married and living in a nearby village while the rest of them live together and work on the brick kiln.  
According to Sehar’s older brother Irfan, at midnight three men came on motorbikes and forcefully kidnapped his sister at gunpoint and fled. 

Irfan said: “I recognised one of them was Allah Rakha while I don’t know about the other two.  They broke our main door and entered our house, it was all of a sudden, and we didn’t know we to do. However we resisted as much as it was possible, but they were threatening that if we tried to stop them they would kill us. 

“Allah Rakha grabbed Sehar by her arm forcefully while she was shouting and resisting, but she couldn’t escape fr his grip.”
Irfan said: “It is very shameful for us, but since they had guns and were threatening to kill us, we couldn’t do much. These were the weak moments of my life and I cannot forgive myself as I couldn’t save my sister from being kidnapped. 
“Because of our shouting and crying our neighbour Haroon and Ashir also came to help us, but they were also threatened, they are two important eyewitnesses of this kidnapping.”
Nasreen Bibi, the mother of the Sehar, said: “My daughter is very young and innocent, we didn’t know anything about Allah Rakha‘s plans. 

“First he made friends with my younger son Adil, for entry into our house and then he kidnapped my daughter.
“We are Roman Catholic for generations but now I fear they will first convert my daughter to Islam and then may marry her. She is very young, she is not the age of marriage. I am not sure whether he really wants to marry her, or if he has kidnapped her for other purposes.”

Saba, the older sister of Sehar, said: “Allah Rakha and my younger brother Adil were friends and worked on the same brick kiln. Three months ago Rakha trapped my younger brother and deceptively converted him to Islam. 

“We will never forget the character of Allah Rakha, first he converted my younger brother Adil and now he kidnapped my younger sister.”

She appealed to the Christian community to stand with them to bring Sehar back.

Nadeem another brother of Sehar’s also appealed to the Christian community to help them in the recovery of his sister.
Sunny a Rickshaw driver, who lives next door to the family, said: “This family is innocent, and Allah Rakha has cheated on them and has kidnapped their 13-year-old girl at gunpoint.”

The armed kidnappers took Sehar’s mother at gunpoint while the other family members were in another room.  Sehar’s father is an old man, he is sick and not able to handle this kind of situation.  They came on two bikes and kidnapped Sehar and fled. 
Irfan said they are all brick kiln workers, and more than 4000 Christian people live in different villages in this area which has two main Churches and a number of smaller churches too.