12-year-old Christian boy killed after kidnapping

A 12-year-old Christian boy, Adan, was abducted, raped and killed by his Muslim neighbour. 
George Masih, Adan’s father, told Pak Christian News(PCN)  that Adan was abducted on March 9 2023 outside their house and a few days later his body was found in the Ashiana ground. The first information report  (FIR) was registered at Nishtar Colony police station and the police are investigating. One suspect has been arrested while the other is still on the run.     
According to Maish at midday on March 9 Adan went to buy some groceries from a local. When he didn’t return home they got worried and started searching for him everywhere, but all the efforts were in vain. Then they decided to go to the local police station Nishtar Colony and reported their son missing. 
The police registered their complaint against the unknown persons. It is written in the complaint that Adan might have been abducted with the intention of adultery and fornication.
According to Masih 4 - 5 days before Adan went missing, he was seen having several conversations with a 26-year-old man named Aamir Ayub. He was a tenant in the house next door for the past 4 months and is originally from Multan. Masih suspects that he has kidnapped Adan.
Amir Ayyub was arrested by the police on 15th March. He also claimed that Ayyub is the main accused of Adan's brutal murder and the police are investigating him and are waiting for post-mortem and DNA results.          
The news of Adan's disappearance spread in the area and on 13 March, Masih’s relative, a rickshaw driver, who was passing from Youhanabad 2 bridge, saw a crowd of people in the open ground, talking about a dead body in the park. He got curious to see the body. He recognised the body as Adan from his dress. His face was burnt, and his undergarments were missing too. 
The rickshaw driver quickly returned and brought Adan's parents to the site. The police had also reached there, and his parents identified the body. 
Masih doubted that Adan was killed after being raped and hit with a heavy object on his head. It was difficult to identify him as his face was badly burnt,  his body was completely burnt and there were several marks of torture on the body.
Maish continued: “The police sent Adan’s body to Jinnah Hospital, Lahore for post-mortem and until today the police have not shared any information about Adan's post-mortem report.
“The suspect Aamir is in jail, but I don't know if the police investigating him for the rape and murder of my son.”
Masih further told us the police have arrested another young man on suspicion of the killing of Adan and are pressuring him to identify and give a statement against him.

Masih said: “I don’t recognise him because I haven’t seen him before, but according to the police he has murdered two more in the past therefore he could be Adan’s killer.

Sonia George, Adan’s mother said they want justice for their son. 

She said: “We don’t know who has killed him. It is the police’s responsibility to find the killer of our son and get us justice.”
Sonia and Masih are both poor and work in a local textile factory. They have four children, three sons and one daughter. Adan was the second among the siblings. 
The family moved to the area from Pattoki last year, for a better future for their children.