Senator Michael walks out of the senate to protest minister’s behaviour at interfaith harmony conference

On Tuesday, February 7, PMLN Senator Kamran Michael walked out of the senate, protesting against the behaviour of minister Mufti Abdul Shakoor. 

He was joined by some other members of the treasury and opposition benches, including those belonging to PMLN and PPP.
Senator Michael said the Ministry of Religious Affairs and Inter-faith Harmony invited members of the minorities to attend last week.

But members of the Christian and other religious communities boycotted the conference, and minorities’ representatives staged a walkout from the event. 
This was seen as an insult to other religions and a line was drawn among them. 

But it is not the job of the State to create differences but to promote unity among various religions.
Senator Michael said the minorities in the country are the true face of Pakistan in the world and had never transgressed the Constitution. 

He added that such things do hurt them, and disgrace to the minorities is condemned.
According to senator Michael, whether the invitation is official or State, if the insult is caused by all religions being invited, it is strongly condemned. 

He also demanded that the Senate should take action on this, and the Prime Minister of Pakistan should also take action against the  Minister of Religious Affairs and Inter-faith Harmony.