Christian girl attacked with acid after refusing conversion to Islam and marriage

A Muslim man threw acid on a Christian girl, Sunita Munawar, 19, of Kalapul, Karachi after she refused to enter into a relationship with him and convert to Islam.
According to Sunita’s uncle, Johnson Rehmat, on the morning of  1st February a Muslim man, Kamran Allah Bux, from Hazara Colony threw acid on her when she was getting off the bus.

The pain was severe and she collapsed on the road. Half of Sunita’s face, right hand, and right ankle, are severely affected, and according to some reports, Sunita suffered 20% burn because of the acid attack. She is admitted in the Civil Hospital in Karachi and on Thursday 9 February underwent surgery. 
Rehmat said a first information report (FIR) was registered on the same day under section 336-B (Punishment for harm to corrosive substances) at the Frere Police Station. Bux admitted his crime in the local Court, he also confessed that he threw acid on Sunita for her consistently refusing to accept his proposal to convert to Islam and marry him. 
Bux had been following and pressuring her for some time. Rehmat further said they had complained to Bux’s family about this behaviour and even to the police but unfortunately no one took this matter seriously, and now Sunita had to suffer because of their negligence. He said if the police had acted in a timely manner, this incident could have been avoided. 
Sunita is an orphan, her mother died about 6 years ago while her father Munawar Masih died about one and a half years ago.

So she was working as a caregiver to support her brother and sisters. She has three sisters and a brother, while two of them are married.