Zardari takes notice of accusation of blasphemy against Christian female security officer

The ex-president of Pakistan has said accusing a Christian female security officer of blasphemy to prevent her from doing her job is shameful. 

On Saturday the country’s Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) dismissed an employee who threatened a female Christian security officer with blasphemy charges over a parking dispute in Karachi.
Footage of the incident at Jinnah International Airport’s cargo area, suggests the argument happened when the security officer reprimanded a man for allowing an acquaintance’s vehicle through security without a vehicle pass.
It is alleged that the man told the female Christian officer he would call preachers and cut her up her up because he was mad. 

The female officer then called the man out and dared him to register the blasphemy case. 

Ex-president of Pakistan and President Pakistan Peoples Party Parliamentarians, Asif Ali Zardari has taken strict notice of the incident. 

He said it is shameful to accuse the female officer of blasphemy to prevent her from performing her duties  
According to a press release issued by the Party Secretariat, he said the accusation of blasphemy should be investigated as the accusation is a very serious matter.

President Zardari said the female security officer should be protected by federal and provincial governments.