Brave Christian girl thwarts kidnapping attempts

A young Christian girl Arooj, 17, from Jandanwala, Punjab has successfully thwarted kidnapping attempts from local Muslim men.

Her father Munir Masih of Bilal town, Jandanwala, District Faisalabad said that when his daughter was alone at home, she went to the roof to hang the washing.

Finding her alone at home, a Muslim man called Abbas, together with his unidentified friends, climbed onto the roof and attacked Arooj. 

Masih said they tried to rape her but when she resisted, they started beating her and even injured her with a knife.

With the intention of calling for help Arooj started shouting, and her younger brother Zain ran to the roof to help her, but he was too young to handle the situation. 

Feeling helpless, he also started shouting for help despite the attackers continuing to beat them. 
Masih said: “Hearing the shouts, my neighbours, Asghar and Khalid Mehmood, also went to help and asked the men to stop the attack.”

Masih and his wife Serafin have six children, three daughters and three sons. Two of the girls are married and the youngest, Arooj, is still living with them. 

Masih, his wife and two older sons, all work as daily wagers in a nearby factory. The day Abbas and his friends attempted to kidnap Arooj, only her and little Zain were at home.

According to Masih, the majority of residents in Bilal town are Muslims, they are the only Christian family living there in a very small house.  

Masih further said that a year ago, he had some dispute with Abbas, but didn’t think that he would take his revenge in this way to settle the score.

Masih said: “I am glad that my daughter Arooj resisted, and Abbas’s attempt to kidnap her failed. I am very thankful to my neighbours for their timely action that saved my daughter from being kidnapped.

He said a first information report (FIR no 556/22) has been registered at police station Khudiyanwala District Faisalabad against Abbas. 

The police had arrested him, but he was released on bail and continues to threaten them.