Christian human rights activist and journalist receives death threats

A Christian human rights activist and journalist has received life-threatening phone calls from a stranger. 

Saleem Iqbal told a press conference he held on May 2 that he was scared and had complained to the Civil Line police station where a first information report (FIR) had been registered against an unknown person. 

Iqbal told the journalists: “On May 1st at 07:09 am, I was at my home when I received a call from a mobile number 0320 ---------. “As soon as I answered the caller started abusing and insulting me.  

“He didn’t stop here, but also started abusing my religion and repeatedly used derogatory remarks against Christianity with deliberate and malicious intent to hurt my religious feelings. 
“The caller also threatened me with dire consequences if I continue my activities as a journalist and particularly continue raising a voice against the mistreatment of minorities. 

“He said he would  amputate my legs or treat me as Ertugrul Ghazi treated people like you.”

Iqbal emphasised that the unknown caller was furious and kept addressing him as a Chuhra (untouchable) - a word Muslims use pejoratively against Christians. 
Iqbal said that by insulting and abusing his religion Christianity and Jesus Christ, extending life threats and by intimidating him to stop his professional activities had committed criminal offences, And therefore requested that his life, liberty, and property be kindly be protected and necessary legal action very kindly be taken against the said unknown person.

Iqbal also said the unknown caller started off by pretending to be a well-wisher of Christians, stating that he would like me to help two very poor Christian women.

Iqbal told the caller to come to his office along with the women, but after that, the man used derogatory words against Jesus Christ. 

Iqbal said the caller said that if he did not stop advocating the rights of Pakistani Christians and other minorities, he would kill him.

Iqbal has provided a recording of the call to the police as evidence.
Advocate Sharjeel, also speaking at the press conference, said it looked like the caller was from Multan city. 

Iqbal is a renowned journalist and human rights activist raising his voice for the minorities of Pakistan for last 25 years. 

He was the first person to raise the issue of fake marriages of Pakistani Christian girls with Chinese foreigners in Pakistan. He also raised the issues of persecution, cases of rape and kidnapping of underage Christian girls, church attacks and land capture cases. 

He also raises his voice against drug addiction and appreciated Christian’s youth talents through his TV shows at Isaac tv. 
Iqbal also said: “In order to ensure my security I am going to move to a secure location because my home address is mentioned in the FIR which would make it easy for the caller to track me down.

“I intend to move an application to the police to provide me with security.” 

He requested that people pray for justice and for the security of his life.