Police fail to recover two teenage Christian girls kidnapped in Karachi

The police have failed to find Christian girls, Mariam David and Merab Mohsin who were kidnapped on March 7 from the Christian colony of Ghaziabad Aorangi Town, Karachi.

Mohsin Gulzar, Merab’s father, and David Masih, Mariam‘s father, are very concerned about the safety of their daughters. Merab was kidnapped on her way to home from school while Mariam was kidnapped from the street.  
Pakistan Bazar Aorangi Town Karachi, police station has registered a case against Muhammad Noman under section 365B and have arrested three accomplices, but have failed to recover Merab.  
Christian lawyer Tabassum Yousaf said because the girls are Christians and their families are poor, the police is not showing any interest in finding the girls.

She said: “Kidnapping, forced conversion and rape cases continue to grow in the country and the reason is that the police and all other institutions become biased, especially when it comes to matters of Christian and other minority girls.

“Those who are responsible for stopping these incidents and punishing the criminals are silent and not paying any attention, and are not willing to address the concerns of Christians and other religious minorities.  Police often side with the criminals, while courts bring shariah law into consideration and decide these cases in favour of the kidnappers.”

She added that the Pakistan Christian Association Karachi is providing free legal aid in both cases.
“I have visited both families personally and we are going to submit a petition in the court for the recovery of both girls. We have recently marked another international day for women, but minority girls are not safe in the country,” said the lawyer. 

Saleem A. Rajput, founder and chairman of the Pakistan Christian Association also complained about the police‘s inaction. 

He said: “We are very concerned about the growing cases of kidnapping and forced conversion of Christian girls. I request the Christian community and all those who believe in human rights to come and join us in our struggle to stop the forced conversion and kidnapping of Christian and other minority girls in Pakistan. 

“All the concerned institutions must play their role and the government must make changes to the legislation to stop this from happening."