Pakistani Senate panel to hold sessions on forced conversion in Sindh

A Senate panel plans to hold a series of briefings on forced conversions in Sindh, focussing on the Hindu community, and the protection of minorities.
From October 6 the parliamentary committee will sit for three days in Sukkur and Karachi to discuss the issue.
Representatives of the Hindu community of Sindh will meet them, and the committee will be briefed on the subject of minorities and forced conversions.
The panel is expected to hear from the Sindh human rights department about the reported incidents of forced conversions and the measures taken by the department to control such incidents.
While the Sindh chief secretary is expected to tell the panel about potential plans to control forced conversions. 

The panel will also hear from the Sindh Inspector General of Police (IGP) about the creation of an integrated system of detection, reporting and response to incidents of forced conversion of minorities.